TRACK: Spaceman
ARTIST: The Killers
ALBUM: Day & Age


The Killers | Spaceman

You know that I was hoping
That I could leave this star-crossed world behind
But when they cut me open
I guess I changed my mind


All 11 of the Studio Ghibli embroidery hoops I’ve made over the years.
Hard to choose a favorite but they sure look nice all together.  Always taking custom orders for hoops. <3 :)


Anouk Wipprecht

"A wearable [550 gram] and wireless system attracts attention with flirty blinks and sparks, but covers itself in a thick layer of smoke when approached – leaving the body undetectable. Operated by a micro-controller-based, battery-driven sensory system on the back of the design which calculates the wearer’s personal space and sends data to the tiny smoke generator between the shoulders, this system runs up to 4 hours prior to battery exchange. Functioning as protective shield, projected as parasitic instrument hosted on the body, it creates organic borders and communicates a non-verbal ‘fuck off’ signal."


You’re beautiful, Sophie” 


I’m thrilled at how beautiful our photos turned out of our Howl and Sophie Cosplays from Otakon! <3 <3 



Yenra Photography 


Zuhair Murad Fall-Winter 2014

My Cosplay Music Ghostly Pokemon Snow Rabbit Theme