Here are a few more pictures from Katsucon this year. The costumes were fantastic, and I’m looking forward to seeing more at the next convention we attend!


I can never get tired of Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask cosplay | Katsucon 2014

Thank you titanicfreek for these pics <3 


Peeing with my boy Bert 

So me and bronxenstein decided to recreated this amazing fanart in the washrooms at Katsucon! We didn’t have a Jean in the background sadly, but I think it turned out well anyway 


ATProductions shot our SM & Tuxedo at Katsucon 2014.

Check out their channel - they are doing something very amazing! 




i dont have anyone’s tumblrs or anything but here are a bunch of wonderful cosplays i got pictures of! if you know who anyone is just let me know and ill add credit

Oh haha Reiner, Bert and I look so mean >
My Cosplay Music Ghostly Pokemon Snow Rabbit Theme