DEAR JESUS THIS COSPLAYER (though i did not say it in front of their face) MADE MY INNER FANGIRL MELT!! Not many pull off hidan at ALL but dang dude, (pretty sure you were a guy)
Soooo goood!
I hope this person has a tumblr too, i really want a hug xD

Das me. Awww~ You’re super sweet and I totally remember you.


Sushi for dinner! #otakon #hidan #hellsing



Otakon 2014
Naruto “group” cosplays

Ahh my friends and I are the first photo! Thank you for taking this picture!



big weapons duo with bronxenstein as a super rad hidan!! and me as temari 


Sailor Gender Bend! 

Otakon 2014

Bronx and I as Tux and Moon and help me find Sailor Man and Tuxedo Masquette! 

My Cosplay Music Ghostly Pokemon Snow Rabbit Theme