hidan always looks like a loser when i draw him 

and i spy all those kakuzu h8ters in the kakuzu tag saying hes ugly and creepy ALRIGHT Y’LITTLE SUCKERS FINE ILL SHOW YOU UGLY AND CREEPY ALL WHILE SNEAKILY AVOIDING DRAWING HANDS


hidan’s always dreamed of being kakuzu’s knight in shining armor but when the opportunities present themselves he isn’t as competent as he thought

(combining my love for kakuzu in various states of unconsciousness with hidan in various states of comedic terror)

"You better believe in voodoo, babe
I got a long list of your sins
There’s a word you may have heard of called payback
And I’m runnin’ out of pins”


I love these guys… I am kinda convinced this happened at least once..with Hidan’s constant attempts to prove he is a competent partner and all….

Restrung old Jashin pendant I bought, hated the chain. Might consider making Hidan.

My Cosplay Music Ghostly Pokemon Snow Rabbit Theme