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I finally opened a shop!

Theres only a few items listed so far! I’m slowly working on making more things, and listing items. But, I have opened up a shop to sell decoden, sweets, and other things and crafts I make! 

I’d really appreciate it if anyone could help share this around, or even check it out! It’d help me out a lot! 

Thanks guys <3 

Check out my friend’s super cute stuff! 

I mean 

Look how 

Cute this 


Y’all want a flying chocolate barrette now, don’t lie to yourself and just get one. 


I’m having a lot of feels tonight, and I kinda have been meaning to do this for a while. 

But yeah. These are a lot of my favorite RussiAmerica pictures that have been taken over the years with my bffl for life Bronx  and am looking forward to the years to come~ 

I love this girl lots, and this pairing lots, and yeah I’m gonna get super mushy if I continue but she knows all of this <3 





So I want to be the first to show off our snazzy group for AB and of course….

To show off my fricken uniform! Which I owe Alex and Mystel my life for since they preformed cosplay miracles to help me finish it before the con. All nighters before an all day event? yeah, that’s easy. *dies* But oh… also! I’m completely in love with my new compression shirt. Yes… it cuts lines into my shoulders because it’s so tight, but hey! It flattens me out like no other. Air is so out of style.
Anyway, snagged this from Alex’s mother since i could.

Germany is yours truly.
Italy. America

Oh man. 

Starting off the con weekend right by not sleeping!

hee. <3 



Mystel as Nezumi from No. 6

… and with me there as Sion. LOL. Next time it’ll work to have shoot. yeah XD


Hetalia: Axis Powers Franada Shoot - Katsucon 18

titanicfreek (Francis Bonnefoy/France) & chibiplz (Matthew Williams/Canada)


“For you…” 


Love, love, love, love this picture <3 

And, I need more RussAme cosplay pictures on my blog. 

I’m really in need of another RussiAmerica shoot. Can’t wait to do another one with my bffl~ 


Alfred F. Jones - http://titanicfreek.tumblr.com

Ivan Briganski - http://bronxenstein.tumblr.com

Photographer - http://my-life-is-strange.tumblr.com




Had a photoshoot for cardverse King of Spades Alfred on Sunday! My friend wanted to practice her photography and I was happy to help her out! I love how the pictures from the shoot turned out, and have been wanting to get more photos in Spade Alfred!

It was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to do another cardverse shoot with my England~ I really like cardverse. So getting to do more photoshoots, and cosplaying from it, makes me happy~ 


Photographer - http://lomelindi88.deviantart.com

King of Spades Alfred - Me

DA - http://titanicfreek.deviantart.com/art/APH-Cards-Times-273801392

My Cosplay Music Ghostly Pokemon Snow Rabbit Theme