Cara Mia — Portal 2 Turret Opera

Darling dear, my darling beauty!
My baby girl, oh heavens!
For I hold her in esteem!
For I hold her in esteem!
Oh my darling, goodbye!
My dear baby girl,
why do you not run far away?
Yes, far away from Science,
My dear, my dear baby girl?
Ah, my beauty!
Ah, my dear!
Ah, my dear!
Ah, my baby girl!
Oh dear, my dear…

I will fully admit that I cried at the end of Portal 2. Silently though, because I didn’t want to miss any of the song. You go from thinking, “Fuck, GLaDOS lied again. I’m dead.” when the lazer sights hit you. And then they just blink off and the song starts and you’re just blown away. This beautiful aria just grows and you realize that not only are the turrets singing to Chell. No, the spirit of science is singing to her. They are congratulating her, honoring her for being so ridiculously, abnormally stubborn. Not only is Chell being rewarded with freedom, she is being glorified with song. Sung to by the very things that tried and failed to kill her.

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