Alucard from Hellsing. This is so creepy…and so well done. It’s amazing! 



i did i fucking cosplayed the fuckign ball pit this is the goddamn PINNACLE of my ccosplay career jesus fuckignchrist


One step closer to becoming Edward Elric. 

I finished the weapon automail! 


Clicker ~ Greg’s Creations
Nurse ~ VieuxRenard
Photographer ~ Egenius

This is my nurse from Silent Hill that I cosplay for a year now in various Belgian conventions, thanks to her I met incredible people. :3


Deadpool and Iron man


Teaseeeerrr (from Instagram)

I’ll get around to posting these soon.

It was hella great doing this at Katsucon 2014! We also made a lot of people happy doing this since the chapter pretty much came out that month.

I hope I can do this again someday!

Hanji - lalakosply
Levi - heichou-guts
Sanes - laikachi

Photo Credit - droophotographer

My Cosplay Music Ghostly Pokemon Snow Rabbit Theme