Oh my glob. Amanda just posted a bunch of photos of our Bob’s Burgers group from Dragon*Con, and I can’t handle how amazing they all are! We had so many people in our group this year, and everyone was perfect! Check out the full photo set here

Edit: Added more photos because I couldn’t help myself. 


My favorite pics of my Hunter cosplay from L4D2 (not sure L4D or L4D2 but I guess it doesn’t matter)

Yukicon 2014, Finland

Cosplayer: littleglambert

Photographers: Superrnaive & Esa Ala-Petäys, Aniki


Becca just posted all this gold on my FB from Philly Hetalia Day 2012. All I can say is that I will definitely miss the shit out of this cosplay.

Germany | France | Hungary | Spain | Little Neko!Italy  


Being in a car with me is a challenge in general, not just in cosplay.

My Cosplay Music Ghostly Pokemon Snow Rabbit Theme