This Sakura and her bodyguard Monica. She needs a bodyguard because she’s the only daughter/heir of the the very profitable Chrysanthemum gang. Which has members all around the world. Monica is hired shortly after she saved a young Sakura from being attack by Monica’s own employer (some politician who had a fondness for young girls.) Now the gang is very traditional in it’s thinking and has strict rules about what roles sexs play in one including women and fighting. But after her ordeal Sakura is slightly traumatized by the attack on her and becomes afraid of men for the next few years. So Monica decides to cut her hair and cross dress to become her new bodyguard and help her feel safe.


belaru.s in #11 for sispuellaromania; that’s a ouija board and perspective is hard


Decapitated ghost!France sketch commission for archaicacid.

Still fashionable even in death!


some pic for my novel

it’s in chinese..





Das Beer Boot, from Vat19

[watch the video]

You are a good person bless you for this!

I have been waiting so long for an APH version of this.


APH Russia and 13 please?

Dang, this is way more difficult than I anticipated BUT CHALLENGES ARE GOOD!

My Cosplay Music Ghostly Pokemon Snow Rabbit Theme